Enerzea, with its commitment in green energy, provides complete solar power plant solution using PV technology. With a renowned application engineering expertise and wide spread supply chain advantage, Enerzea is fully equipped to handle KW to MW scale solar power projects in India. Similar to our gas power offerings; we provide end to end solutions, from concept to commission and including operations and maintenance, for solar power plants, up to 20 MW.

Our solar EPC utilizes high quality photovoltaic modules made using best raw materials from leading suppliers. These panels are tested for maximum efficiency to reduce the overall space requirement hence increasing end output of the system.  We call it best of two worlds.

  • Complete EPC for Solar rooftop up to 5 MW
  • Complete EPC for Power plants upto 20 MW

solar power

“Advanced solar technology with unmatchable  Performance“

We strive to meet the needs of our customers by producing modules with any dimensional requirements. White, black or transparent back sheet. Silver or black frame or frameless. Please contact us for more information and ask for a quotation for a product especially designed for you.

Quality & Warranty:

The quality is assured by several quality control check points and tested prior to delivery. A final test is conducted under standard test conditions. Every modules test data is stored in our database with a unique serial number.