Installing a container unit can be a smart alternative to permanently installing a static system in a generator room. Containerized Modules have a variety of unique features like noise and heat insulation, operating load characteristics in terms of vibration and weld strength, intermodal transport capability, safety and environmental compliance. They are also easily movable.

These containerised Modules are specialized applications for housing – Gensets for power generation to various sectors. The compact design allows a space saving solution with service-orientated accessibility. These are also designed for full automatic and continuous operations.  The offerings can be Combined Heat and Power CHP (Units) and Power Containers. CHP Containers are for processes with power and thermal requirement and Power containers are only for electrical energy in isolated locations where power in unreliable.

Your advantages:

  • Cutting-edge, proven and eco-friendly gas engine technology for maximum efficiency and reliability
  • Turnkey design saves cost of constructing machine housing
  • Easy on mobility for temporary purposes
  • Flexible unit assembly system based on standardized modules and synchronized components
  • Readily available, compact turnkey plug & play solution
  • Full support for maintenance