Feasibility Study

Project planning , economic feasibility and viability analysis is necessary for any large scale project. We carry site visits and field survey to generate comprehensive report in order to determine the viability of the solutions and determine the overall benefits according to the requirement of the client.

Projects are rendered with detailed specifications, which are taken into account with proposals submitted in line with commercial and technical requirements.

Proposal Engineering

With our highly qualified personnel possessing multidisciplinary skills in design and engineering, we apply scientific and mathematical principles to provide a proposal to design, construct, and operate a cost-effective system. Application concept design is undertaken to evaluate any power generation/ co-generation or waste management scheme.

Enerzea’s  professional proposal management can power our client’s existing resources and provide leadership to enhance their win probability. Detailed resource schedules are made out. We ensure optimum performance at existing power plants and provide design consultation services for plants still in the planning stages.